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深圳臺電數字紅外新品發布會暨2008全球經銷商大會 Escort

  • 發布時間:2008-05-28

深圳臺電數字紅外新品發布會暨2008全球經銷商大會 Escort


  • 分類:新聞中心
  • 作者:
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  • 發布時間:2008-05-28 11:31
  • 訪問量:
大 會 致 詞

深圳市臺電實業有限公司 俄羅斯總代理
Ladies and Gentlemen:
I am greatly honored to attend TAIDEN Press Conference.
Let me use my opportunity to introduce our company and say few words about our wonderful co-operation with Taiden.
Unfortunately, the President of our company cannot be here due to a very busy schedule. However, he appointed me to congratulate our best partners, Taiden company, with the great achievements in the business.
Escort Group was established in Russia (Moscow) in 1992. Starting as a small sound contractor company, Escort Group became one of the biggest players on our business field. Besides conference systems, we import Public Address products, Pro audio and lighting, as well as CCTV products.
Escort Group and Taiden have been co-operating for more than three years. Each year the increase of volume of sale is getting closer to magnificent 50%. Last year we broke $1 million figure and targeting at least 1.5 million US dollars this year. And I am not only hope, but 100% sure that with the new Taiden products, which come out now, this is far not a limit.
Now, we have about 20 suppliers around the world. I am very happy to announce Taiden our best supplier. Since we have started to work together I have never been disappointed. Taiden provides exactly what we need – the best products, the best prices and the best services. I have never heard from Taiden people words like “I DO NOT KNOW” and “I AM TOO BUSY”. I can and must to say – Taiden is the company, we and other companies have to learn from.
Only three years ago our managers used to spend a lot of time trying to explain WHO is Taiden and WHY Taiden products are better than others. Now the situation is completely different. Taiden brand name becomes more and more recognizable. Taiden systems have been installed in a great number of famous banks and universities, local governments and conference centers. Of coz, we are still not that big, as our German competitors. However, I am sure – this is just a matter of time. If we continue our hard job - we will kick them away from the place, which can be and has to belong to Taiden.
This year we have received wonderful news from Taiden. Finally, we have killer weapons in our arsenal against our competitors – digital infra-red wireless conference system and digital infra-red language distribution system. Now we can clearly say – we offer to our customers the best and most competitive systems ever.
The TAIDEN wireless conference system is designed to be the most flexible discussion system available and offers the perfect solution for challenging locations such as multi-user venues and historical buildings.
For historical locations, the benefits can be even more pronounced. A system can be installed, rearranged and operated with virtually no impact on the integrity of the historical location. No one longer has to worry about damaging antique materials or ruining the aesthetics of a grand hall. No cables have to be laid or holes drilled. The entire system has been designed to be beautiful and unobtrusive so that all participants can focus on the event in hand.
For multi-user venues, the wireless system allows owners to better serve customers. With minimal time required for setup and breakdown, multiple events can take place in sequence, meaning better and more effective use of space.
And while our working relationship is good and getting better, I am here today to challenge us to make it even stronger, more seamless, and more effective.
I would like to address a warm thanks to those who organised today’s event and to stress that is a great pleasure and honour for me to be addressing such a distinguished audience.
Thank you very much.

版權所有 ? 深圳市臺電實業有限公司 粵ICP備05044653號

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